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Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

Downstairs at the Sebright Arms the floor was slippery, and I mean real slippery - like a big warm frying pan someone was melting a pillow-sized knob of butter on, or a carpet made up entirely of invisible cartoon banana peels or an ice rink or something I mean you get it, the point is it was proper fucking slippery and HAZE (second on) were the first band to really test the surface. By the end of their set we had three spilt beers and one ruined t shirt between four of us - luckily they were Old Blue Last cans and a Tottenham Hotspur home shirt - a very (veeeeeery) small price to pay for a set that was quite simply, the bollocks.

In between packing their shit in the car and diving downstairs to enjoy a rather lively set from LICE, we grabbed Will Ollie Dan and Conor - for a brief chat out by the bins. Who said this rock and roll malarkey wasn’t glamorous?

EE - So yous have been at it for a while?

Will - 10 years, we’ve been playing together since we were year 5 - the first gig was a talent show - nah it was an assembly at our Christian CofE school - we played Red hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day and Guns n’ Roses

[Conor joins us]

EE - We’re recording by the way

Ollie - So watch what you fuckin’ say!

EE - So now you’re spread all over the country right? Two in Bristol, one in London one in Oxford? How’s the writing changed from that happening?

Will - These lot don’t write ever

[Rest of the band concur - he writes]

Will - I send them demos which they occasionally listen to

Ollie - I listen to it all the time I love the music he comes out with

Conor - I’ve listened to it twice actually

Will - well I’ll make the demos, everyone listens to it prolifically

Ollie - He writes us demos but when he sends them to us, all the singing in them is like -whispers- I asked him why and he said it’s cause when he belts out a demo his housemates come in like “is everything alright!?”

Will - ‘Chuggin’ you know the bit where it’s like “Chuggiiiiiiiin” my mate rushed in screaming “is everything alright in here? Will… are you okay?”

Ollie - ‘cause of the harmonies on the next one - it goes chuggin’ chuggin chuggin … it sounds like we’re being strangled

We had become aware of Haze through watching this live video from Green man, back at the tail end of last year, it was a live session that was bookended by a couple of heavy drinking sessions, and time getting familiar with bands they had been enjoying their first drug experiences to not an age ago

Will - I was speaking to Sam from Gently Tender - at lost property, when I lost my wallet at Green Man - and he was like “we listen to you every night man” and I went “is that Sam from Palma Violets?’’ and he [Dan] went “yeh” so I turned to him and I said - your gig was the first time I did MDMA - and he went “dyou know what, I hear that - a lot”

EE - Ha! We loved that session by thew way, how was the crowd there? People having it?

Will - Ah fucking nuts, we were also absolutely destroyed - we had that session at midday that day and we woke up at 11am, we were fucked, so we got right back on it - fucking got to this tent at midday alright so we’d got 9 hours to kill and just tanked it all day

Ollie - Before the actual set this woman comes up to us and she goes “right I’m about to introduce you, is there anything you want me to say?” and Connor just goes “say that we’ve got sweet melodies and seductive rhythms” she turns around and goes “alright” she goes on and says “Four sexy boys from Bristol with sweet melodies and seductive rhythms - they’re absolutely loving each other and they’re absolutely gonna love you too it’s HAZE”

EE - Banging, what an intro!

Will - Yeah she didn't like the set though

Conor - She was having none of it

Will - The thing is we went on and set up and there was noone there, so we were like ah this is gonna be shit, then before we knew it we turned around and there was about a thousand people there…

Conor - Nah not a thousand… mhhhmh, okay yeah maybe nearly a thousand

Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

EE - So what’s going on with shows at the moment? I know you’re often Bristol way but you’re in London a lot

Will - Yeah that’s a lot of megabus

Dan - Not for me

Ollie - All the stuff’s taken by me cause I’m driving, I’m the designated driver every gig, but saturday we’re playing and it’s my 21st birthday… so we’re gonna be shit!

Will - We’re gonna be fuckin’ terrible

[We actually had a couple of pals at that gig and they said they were top notch]

EE - That’s a spinny nights show - you’ve played there a few times right?

Will - Spinny nights is my mates Raphy and Arthur who set it up in their first year and it’s just like spiralled - some of the best nights in Bristol are Spinny nights - it’s good for us, we’re all moving there - we’re all moving together in July

EE - We always see bands doing bits and bobs there

Will - Yeah it’s quite a fresh scene as well

Me - How do you find it with the Bristol crowds?

Will - Ah they’re wicked man, Jeff came to the, wait do you know big Jeff? Have you heard of big Jeff? He comes to every show, he’s a legend, he’s always at the front just going mental - he’s started this new thing he’s drawing bands whilst watching them

Conor - Jeff was at the first, when we played the Louisiana - was it that Mysterines show?

Ollie - Yeah

Will - That was the first time he came down to one of out shows and he was down the front, and now I know him now from every show - he goes to a gig every night in Bristol, if you’re playing a gig in Bristol you know there’s something better happening if Jeff isn’t at your show

EE - So live shows aside - how are you coming together in terms of what you all listen to?

Will - First wave, as kids we started on Green Day, Guns n Roses, then when Connor joined we’re into Libertines, classic indie boy stuff, Pigeon Detectives - there’s actuslly videos somewhere of three of us at an open mic playing Pigeon Detectives covers…

EE - Ha. So anything leftfield now that I wouldn’t expect?

Will - Parquet Courts, uhhh then there’s like The Fall, Talking Heads, Fire Engines, Wire, Televiison

Dan - I fuckin love Televison

Will - I didn’t realise we were influenced by Wire until some old geezer came up to us and said ‘when I saw your gig it reminded me of seeing Wire in 1978 - and I listened to them and was like shit yeah - we are Wire

Dan - They’re still going - they’re playing london in a few weeks with Squid supporting

EE - So what you got in the pipeline- I read you’ve got an EP in the back pocket?

Will - We got great Escape, and Truck festival in the summer and more singles July time

Ollie - Truck is our third time - it’s like our home; we did a band app thing in 2015, you know where you apply to play at the festival? We went from the smallest stage to the barn stage to now the second biggest stage

Ollie - Is it 100% the market stage?

Dan (Manager) - Yeah

Will - Fuck yeah. That’s sick, it’s a big slot as well not just 3pm

Conor - it;s a big tent to leave empty dyou know what I mean!


Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

Photograph - Charlotte Anne Turner 2019

Oh how we laughed.

We rounded off our chat by the bins here, but you can listen to HAZE here, find their list of summer shows here, and if you want to come down for a beer you can get your tickets to our well good Friday show - with HAZE headlining - HERE on DICE,

it’s free and you’re invited… yes even you!



Bert x